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ICS Vision for Digital Learning

Irvington Community Schools' vision for digital learning is to implement a highly-effective, highly-functional, ubiquitous computing environment by...
  • Providing 1:1 devices and digital media resources to enhance and differentiate instruction and learning;
  • Establishing a teacher-facilitated learning environment, both online and offline, that allows for student creativity and promotes critical thinking;
  • Increasing collaborative learning and communication so that teachers and students become partners in learning;
  • Preparing today's learners for tomorrow's careers in a global society; and
  • Promoting responsible use of technology resources and social media to produce upstanding digital citizens.
Technology Staff
1:1 Computing Initiative
During the 2015-16 school year, ICS applied for and received the Digital Learning Grant as awarded by the Indiana Department of Education. The resulting award allowed the school to implement a 1:1 computing initiative in Grades 6-12. The development of our 1:1 initiative was years in the making and involved extensive research, strategic planning, and a 1:1 trial rollout during the 2014-15 school year. ICS explored and considered a variety of 1:1 models, including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), but ultimately decided to utilize Google’s Chromebook. Every student at Irvington Community Middle School and Irvington Preparatory Academy has been assigned a Chromebook for use at school. Google Apps for Education was chosen as the school's platform for online learning, though a number of other websites and apps are used by teachers to increase students and teacher productivity, collaboration, and creation.
To ensure the success and sustainability of our 1:1 initiative...
  • ICS has employed a full-time eLearning Coach as a mentor and resource for teacher and to assist them with new technology integration, digital content, and curriculum creation.
  • ICS has formed a Technology Leadership Team in each of its buildings.
  • The eLearning Coach is leading the development and implementation of a digital citizenship curriculum.
  • ICS is providing professional development opportunities in technology for staff and teachers.
  • Technology staff are providing additional technology training at staff meetings, during professional development meetings, one-on-one during teacher preps, and after school.
  • ICS has increased fundraising and grant-seeking efforts specifically aimed to support technology initiatives.
  • Network and school administrators are utilizing Lightspeed Rocket as a web filter and to monitor network activity in an effort to encourage proper use of technology resources in an educational setting.

Responsible Use Policy

2016-2017 School Computers and the Internet Guidelines and Contract (short form)

2016-2017 School Computers and the Internet Guidelines (long form)

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