Welcome to Irvington Community Middle School

 Irvington Community Middle School (ICMS) was established in the fall of 2010 as an important component of the expansion of our K-12 program. ICMS serves students in 6th-8th grades. As we soon and happily discovered in our first year as a middle school in 2010, our students quickly took pride and ownership in having a school to call their very own!

By design and owing to our community school focus, ICMS is a small middle school. Our enrollment aim for this year is 240 students, and our class size is approximately 25 students. Our small-school, small-class size approach enables us to create and maintain close working relationships with our students, which promotes better understanding in reaching our academic and behavioral goals.

ICMS students are educated by a highly qualified, dedicated staff. Our teachers meet weekly to discuss student progress and develop best practice strategies for the classroom. Students are provided one-on-one assistance through after-school tutoring and clubs. Differentiated instruction is a key component of our educational practice.

In keeping with our cultural focus, ICMS offers 400 minutes per week of Spanish, Physical Education, Art, Computer Applications, or Band to each student.  

In partnering with families, our goal is to prepare students for a successful college preparatory high school experience and beyond. Exemplifying this approach, our 8th grade students are given the opportunity to take Algebra I for high school credit. This allows ICMS students to enter their freshman year of high school with up to four (4) credits towards graduation.

To all our website visitors, students, families, and staff, welcome to Irvington Community Middle School!