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Along with partnering with parents in stewarding their children's educational development, the ICS encourages parents to work with us as volunteers.

Curriculum & Assessment

IPA offers a rigorous academic program with a focus on individual results and achievement.


Our goal with the clubs is for children to engage one another with shared interests in subjects outside of the curriculum they experience throughout the school day.


To ensure a successful educational experience for our students, ICS has established these dress codes and policies.

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The 8th grade class will be holding a “Family Fun Community Day & Silent Auction” Saturday, March 8th from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. at Irvington Preparatory Academy! This event is FREE and will include: Local Fare and Gifts, Food, Fun and Games, Face Painting, Live Entertainment, Silent Auction. Come enjoy the day with us while supporting ICMS students as they raise money for their Washington, D.C. trip!
Follow this link to get a preview of the items for auction

A howling good time was had by all the ghouls and goblins who attended “The Nightmare on Pleasant Run Dance” last Friday night at ICMS. Even the city of Indianapolis rescheduling trick or treat couldn’t keep students and staff, most of whom dressed in costume, from dancing the night away. The ICMS Student Council did a great job of decorating the gym, and Choral Director Mr. Dobell did an equally awesome job as DJ. Costume prizes were awarded to:

Cleverest Costume -- Brenna B., 7th grade
Best in Show Costume -- Robbie E., 8th grade
Scariest Costume -- Joseph M., 6th grade
Best Overall Best Costume -- Elijah C., 6th grade



This past spring a small but determined group of ICMS staff "farmers," led by Mr. Dobell, ICMS Choral Director, planted a vegetable garden in a plot on the middle school campus. Thanks to their efforts and the temperate summer weather, the garden has been providing a steady bounty of tomatoes, squash, zucchini, peppers, okra, cabbage, and string beans for staff members, their families, and some students to enjoy. Pictured below is some of the ICMS garden harvest.

Garden copy

Sen. Brandt Hershman (R), Indiana legislative Majority Floor Leader representing Senate District 7, visited Irvington Community Middle School on Friday, April 12. He came at the invitation of a fellow Kankakee Valley Schools' alum, Mrs. Venekamp. The two attended elementary, middle, and high school together. Both Sen. Hershman and Mrs. Venekamp’s families farmed in Wheatfield, Ind., and their farmlands were adjacent to one another.

Mrs. Venekamp’s parents worked on Sen. Hershman’s first election campaign. Although the senator represents a largely rural district with no charter schools, he is a supporter of school choice. Mrs. Venekamp reconnected with her childhood friend on Facebook, where she has followed his legislative career, inviting him to visit ICMS and learn more about the charter school movement, the challenges facing charter schools, and the mission and accomplishments of Irvington Community Schools. Mrs. Venekamp conducted the tour, joined by ICS Chief Executive Officer David Nidiffer, Director of Operations Mike McFadden, and Chief Operating Officer Tim Mulherin.


Sen. Hershman meets with ICS, Inc. administrators in the middle school while learning about the charter school movement and Irvington Community Schools' track record of academic success.

Watch Out, Wall Street! Mrs. Clark’s 8th grade Algebra students can "talk the talk" when it comes to the world of financial management. The evidence is in, as they recently impressed a member of the U.S. House of Representatives with their command of financial terminology and concepts. So much so that Indiana 7th District Rep. Andre Carson enthused, “You guys are sharp!” during his question-and-answer session with the students on Friday, April 5, 2013.

Thanks to an invitation from Mrs. Clark., Rep. Carson paid a visit to one of her 8th grade “Financial Friday” class sessions. Last year, Mrs. Clark’s Algebra class had three teams place in the statewide competition. Each of these teams won monetary awards for their successful investing portfolios. This year, Mrs. Clark was asked to lead the Capitol Hill Challenge – the Stock Market Game played on a national level. She contacted Rep. Carson’s office, as Irvington is in the 7th Congressional District, requesting that the congressman come to Irvington Community Middle School and speak to one of her classes. Financial literacy is a subject that is dear to Rep. Carson’s heart, as he has a significant interest in young people being conversational in the subject of finance.

“Where you guys are [with financial literacy] is phenomenal,” the congressman lauded the students. “Many Americans don’t know what terms like ‘dividends’ are.” Mrs. Clark’s students did. He continued, “This school is an incubator: it’s a way to prepare our future leaders.” Rep. Carson suggested that “the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Oprah Winfrey are in this school.” During his talk, the congressman referenced the high performance of students in Finland, and he made an especially profound comment about the great responsibility of K-12 educators: they are in the business of “nation building.”

Aside from the students’ demonstration of their proficiency in financial literacy, they inquired about the congressman’s role. For example, they asked about his congressional office’s budget and what it’s like to be a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Shrewdly, they also sought a stock tip, asking, "What stocks should we invest in?” Rep. Carson gracefully declined to answer.

At the end of this special congressional visit, Mrs. Clark said, “I was really impressed with Rep. Carson, and my kids were amazed that he shook everyone's hand and looked them in the eye.”


Indiana 7th District Rep. Andre Carson listens intently to the financial wisdom of one of Mrs. Clark's 8th grade Algebra classes during his visit to ICMS on Friday, April 5, 2013.

Carson.2 copy

U.S. Rep. Carson joins Mrs. Clark's 8th graders for a photo op following his "Financial Friday" visit at ICMS.

Carson.3 copy

Irvington Community Schools CEO David Nidiffer takes the opportunity to talk with Rep. Carson about the most pressing issues facing charter schools in Indiana immediately following the congressman's visit to one of Mrs. Clark's "Financial Friday" sessions. ICMS Director of Operations Mike McFadden joined the conversation as well.


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