The Irvington Way ICS Athletics


Along with partnering with parents in stewarding their children's educational development, the ICS encourages parents to work with us as volunteers.

Curriculum & Assessment

IPA offers a rigorous academic program with a focus on individual results and achievement.


Our goal with the clubs is for children to engage one another with shared interests in subjects outside of the curriculum they experience throughout the school day.


To ensure a successful educational experience for our students, ICS has established these dress codes and policies.

The ICS Athletics Program's mission is to provide opportunities for athletic competition that will enhance the educational experience of ICS students. Our goal is to plan and coordinate various athletic activities throughout the year that allow for equal opportunity, age-appropriate involvement for all ICS students.

The ICS Athletics Program exists to help build teamwork and a sense of sportsmanship. All ICS students in the 6th - 8th grade are eligible to play as long as they meet the minimum academic requirements. Our academic standard is to maintain a "C" average with no "F" in any class.

ICMS Athletics includes the following sports: Volleyball, Cross-Country, Boys / Girls Basketball and Soccer.

Irvington Community Middle School and Irvington Community Elementary School are members of the Indiana Charter School Athletic Association. 

For more information about the ICS Athletic Program, contact Chris Ashmore at 317-357-3770 x107.

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