Welcome to Irvington Community Middle School

The 2014-2015 school year marks the fourth year that ICMS teachers and administrators will be participating in the TAP System for Teacher and Student Advancement, joining IPA faculty in this national program to improve teacher effectiveness.

Research indicates that the most important school-related influence regarding student success is having talented teachers in the classroom. As stated on the TAP System website, TAP was designed as a "comprehensive, systemic school reform model to address the challenges facing K-12 education." This approach is intended to "attract, retain, develop and motivate" teachers.

TAP training gives teachers:

  • Opportunities for professional development facilitated by expert master and mentor teachers, which focuses on students' learning needs and identifies strategies for optimum learning
  • Valuable time to collaborate with colleagues during the school day
  • Rigorous classroom evaluations to improve teaching skills
  • Opportunities for career advancement for talented teachers to develop as master or mentor teachers, allowing them to earn higher salaries while keeping them where they are needed most -- in the classroom

IPA's master teacher is Loryn Venekamp. The mentor teachers are Jessica Wright and Rachelle Heyboer.

If you would like to learn more about the TAP System in Irvington Community Schools, contact Mrs. Venekamp.