Welcome to Irvington Preparatory Academy

Jackson Welch, a freshman at Irvington Preparatory Academy, is currently attempting to raise enough money to restore the Irvington Community Middle School's main flagpole that faces Arlington Avenue. The project will also assist in Jackson earning his Eagle Scout rank.

Jackson's fundraiser is called “1776 Quartered" and will involve all three ICS schools. Students are asked to bring in quarters to their homeroom or advisory teachers in an attempt to raise at least 1,776 quarters (please note that other spare change or cash will not be refused!). This will help to restore "Old Glory" to its deserving status on our middle school campus.

The fundraiser kicks off on Monday, April 16, and runs through Friday, April 27.  At the end of the two-week period, the highest earning class of each three schools earns a pizza party, courtesy of Jockamo Uppercrust Pizza in beautiful downtown Irvington. However, if less than 1,776 quarters are not raised, no party will occur. Given ICS students' "can-do spirit," earning a pizza party should be a cinch!