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Along with partnering with parents in stewarding their children's educational development, the ICS encourages parents to work with us as volunteers.

Curriculum & Assessment

IPA offers a rigorous academic program with a focus on individual results and achievement.


Our goal with the clubs is for children to engage one another with shared interests in subjects outside of the curriculum they experience throughout the school day.


To ensure a successful educational experience for our students, ICS has established these dress codes and policies.

The IPA features a number of extracurricular activities for our students that enhance their educational experience, provide a strong sense of community, and add a dimension of fun once the school day is done.

Students who are academically eligible may attend teacher-led after-school clubs. As well, students who have an interest in athletics and maintain academic eligibility are welcome to participate in the ICS Athletics Program, which features Soccer, Volleyball, Cross County, Basketball, Track, Softball and Baseball.

For those students with musical talents or aspirations, the ICS Music Department offers band and choir programs that prepare student musicians and singers for live performance opportunities in band and choral concerts scheduled throughout the year.

The IPA encourages, recognizes, and celebrates the character development of our students in a number of ways. One of our formal student recognition programs is called Raven of the Week. Where students are nominated by teachers and staff who demonstrate one of the 5 pillars from the Irvington Way.

And for the convenience of our parents, the ICS provides Before and After Care services.

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