Welcome to Irvington Preparatory Academy

"IPA wasn't just a high school for me. Irvington helped me make a name for myself while building an amazing resume that assisted me in getting accepted to a few of the best Division 1 schools in Indiana. However, I chose to go to a smaller university because I had grown attached to being so involved at Irvington and wanted the same opportunity in college. Irvington made me a name, not a number, and I appreciate every opportunity I had there.

"Irvington's teachers have such respect for students that are striving to do their best, and they take an extra interest in the students that need a little more of a push. It was much like a family environment to me. I know that two years after graduating I can still call Mrs. Brinsley, Mr. Ballard , or even Mr. Werner (when he's not really busy), and ask them any question under the sun and they're still willing to help me with what they can." -- Jamie Scott, IPA Class of 2010 Graduate

"While attending Irvington Preparatory Academy (IPA), I started to realize that attending a smaller school would give me an advantage towards my academics and actually help me get into college. It was so much easier to talk to my teachers at IPA than the bigger school I came from. My IPA teachers helped me with what I needed to be successful. I was able to build a good relationship with them because it was easier for them to remember me and my own specific situation or problems." -- Nick Warren, IPA Class of 2010 Graduate, Sophomore at the University of Southern Indiana

"I have been at Irvington for seven years, since the 6th grade, and I am currently a senior. At Irvington we do it a little differently: we do it the Irvington Way. We respect our teachers and fellow classmates, we are responsible with our homework and grades, we are safe in our decisions, we are involved in our classrooms and with our former classmates, and finally we are focused on our education and getting to college successfully. Through the years many things have changed but the Irvington Way has never changed, and that is what I love the most. Here at Irvington we are not a school, we're not classmates who will never see each other again after high school – we are a family."  -- Ashlyn Carter, IPA Class of 2012