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Mr. Stallard is a DonorsChoose Phenom!

When Ms. Pryor, the Irvington Community Elementary School principal, encouraged her faculty members to post DonorsChoose projects last school year and last semester, primarily in an effort to obtain more classroom computers, Mr. Stallard took her seriously. Very seriously. As a result, all of his DonorsChoose projects requesting Chromebooks have been funded.

The popular 4th grade teacher – a former engineer who is an original Irvington Community School, Inc. employee, educating ICS students since 2002 – reached out to former ICES students’ parents who have been supportive of his work over the years. “I got a really good response,” he says. The response – meaning donations – even came from “parents whose kids I had who are now in high school and beyond.”

Mr. Stallard had his first DonorsChoose project funded quickly during the second semester of the 2015-2016 school year, obtaining five new Chromebooks. Success tends to breed success, so he initiated a second DonorsChoose project. He soon became the beneficiary of five more Chromebooks through DonorsChoose, thanks to the benevolence of the Indiana Pacers. Several DonorsChoose projects later, as of January 11, 2017, Mr. Stallard’s 4th grade class is completely outfitted with 26 new Chromebooks.

How is Mr. Stallard integrating eLearning into his curriculum and classroom activities?
As he tells it, “Now, with the Internet at their fingertips, my students are able to instantly research whatever questions that come up, and have answers and new knowledge in seconds.” As well, students are now creating their own presentations for class. For example, they were recently assigned to do research on a well-known Indiana event or person. They conducted online searches in Google, typed essays in Google Docs, then assembled and completed the final step of the project in Google Slides. Says Stallard, “The students loved this project from the start and wanted to work on it constantly – which is not normally the case when writing is involved.”

Students WorkingHe continues, “For me, the most exciting thing has been to see how quickly the students are able to learn how to use the new applications, as well as seeing how amazingly creative they can be.”

Ms. Pryor is also delighted that one of her classrooms is now 1:1. And, she’s confident that the eLearning technology is being put to very good use. “Mr. Stallard has enthusiastically embraced the use of Chromebooks and is already being innovative with blended learning instruction.”

ICS is thrilled by the support shown by all of our DonorsChoose benefactors. Be watching for more ICS DonorsChoose projects you and your family, friends, and colleagues can support. You can be sure that your investment will pay off for many years to come!

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