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Student Musicians Do ICS Proud at ISSMA

Under the passionate expert guidance of Music Teacher Jimmy Wingett, 21 Irvington Community School students participated in the annual Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) Solo and Ensemble competition on Saturday, February 4, 2017. Grades represented included 6, 7, 8, and 12. The Ravens brought home the gold in 12 categories, as well as four silver medals.

Each instrument family was represented in the solo and ensemble events, explains Mr. Wingett: woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings. The 13 ICS soloists played a variety of instruments, including flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, trumpet, baritone, snare drum, and violin. ICS ensemble entries included a flute trio, a woodwind quartet (two flutes and two clarinets), and a brass trio (two trombones and a French horn).

This special annual event is open to any 6th-12th grade student in Indiana who is currently enrolled in band, choir, or orchestra. Mr. Wingett does not typically select students for the competition; rather, he lets them know about the event and how he can help to make them stronger players should they participate. Says Mr. Wingett, “You really want the students who are going to put in the time and represent the school well to be the ones that participate, so I put it in their hands.”

Mr. Wingett promotes the ISSMA competition in early December, and interested students select their music at that time. Then practice begins, largely conducted independent from class time. Upon return from Winter Break, students get some limited class time to practice for the competition. On Friday before the ISSMA competition, every performer has the opportunity to play his/her piece in front of the class, and Mr. Wingett provides them with feedback. “The hope is that this helps the students to better prepare for the event, because playing in front of your peers is about as intimidating as it gets!”

Mr. Wingett adds that “teaching the students how to play their piece well is the easy part. It’s really the preparation of the mindset that is most challenging.”

Delighted by the ISSMA results, Loryn Venekamp, ICMS’s principal, says, “We are extremely proud of the hard work and dedication of Mr. Wingett and his students. From the countless hours of preparation and practice, all the way up to the student performances, success at the ISSMA competition has become a tradition at ICMS and IPA.”

Mr. Wingett makes it clear that his students perform at ISSMA right alongside “juggernaut” music programs, such as Warren and Lawrence Township schools. All the more reason that Mrs. Venekamp declares with principal-like pride, “We are small but we are mighty, as we send the best student musicians Indiana has to offer.”

Our Irvington Community School ISSMA 2017 Solos and Ensemble performers are as follows:

8th Grade Flute Trio: Colten Lewis, Taylor Pierce, and Chloe Simnick
7th grade Woodwind Quartet: Jasmyn Benjamin (flute), Jordan Clark (clarinet), Trinity Edwards (clarinet), Olivia Mayes (flute)
6th grade Brass Trio: Luke Ellis (trombone), Spencer Grey (French horn), Broden Kelly (trombone)
6th grade Clarinet Solo: Kristina Miller
6th grade Alto Saxophone Solo: Stella Reddinger
6th grade Baritone Solo: Sydney Akers
7th grade Trumpet Solo: Liani Anino
7th grade Clarinet Solo: Jordan Clark
7th grade Snare Drum Solo: Luke Young
7th grade Snare Drum Solo: Aidan Burke
8th grade Flute Solo: Taylor Pierce
8th grade Alto Saxophone Solo: Isaac Pryor
8th grade Oboe Solo: Elijah Shaw
8th grade Violin Solo: Ashlee Jo Shepherd
12th grade Clarinet Solo: Jonathan Keesling
12th grade Baritone Saxophone Solo: Elijah Wilson
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