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Students Choose from more than 25 Student-run Afterschool Club Opportunities

From learning about robotics to studying aviation, learning doesn’t end after daily classes do at Irvington Community Schools.
Students have the option to choose from several clubs to further explore their interests, build leadership skills and learn about topics that interest them. If students have an idea and they can find a staff person to sponsor them, they can create a club that interests them. At Irvington Preparatory Academy, students can choose from at least two clubs focused on STEAM learning, or science, technology, engineering, arts and math.
In the Flying Ravens Club, students delve into the study of aviation with hands-on learning experiences.
aviation fall 2016 2The 10-member club was built from an interest in flying drones and exploring model rocketry, club sponsor Alex D'Ettorre said. “This year, students will build model airplanes, model rockets and learn to fly drones and explore the pilot certification process,” he said.

aviation fall 2016 1Another STEAM-based club is the IPA Robotics Club, where students will be competing in the VEX Robot Competition Series. The 2017/2018 Robotics Club sponsors are Irvington Community School’s Informational Technology Director, Chris Ashmore and Irvington Preparatory's math teacher Heather Harmeyer. 
According to Mr Ashmore, two teams will build two separate robots, and nearly all of the work is student-driven.
“My role is really to make sure we have all the proper paperwork submitted for competitions, offer critique to the robots, help the students work out any conflicts and general supervision. I will not put a tool to the robot, I will offer suggestions at the higher level of the robot programing, but will never actually write code,” Ashmore commented.
From that work, students will learn leadership and team work skills, along with the technical and physics knowledge they will gain from building and programming the robot, troubleshooting, problem solving, time management and task responsibility – just to name a few.
Other clubs are focused on allowing students to help their school.
At Irvington Community Middle School, a group of six students does projects around the school building as part of the Maintenance Club, led by teacher Bryan Goeller.
Their tasks include landscaping, putting together furniture for classrooms and making minor fixes to equipment or other items at the school.
According to Mr Goeller, the goal is to teach students to work with their hands, but also to begin to understand the basic concepts of service learning at the school
At Irvington Preparatory Academy, the Student Ambassadors Club serves to represent IPA at a variety of school and community events.
Students serve as tour guides for new students and school events, and they also allow prospective students to follow them, showing them what the school has to offer.
Club members view their duties as an honor and a way to represent their school. To prepare, they learn about interpersonal and public speaking skills.
“I hope that students learn interpersonal skills and the poise of how to present themselves in public speaking situations. I also hope that participation in the club helps build their sense of pride in their school and community,” commented Jana Goebel, Student Ambassadors Club sponsor.

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