Irvington Community School News & Events

Each of our three Irvington Community Schools publishes a newsletter every Friday afternoon. The newsletter features brief notices and background about upcoming events, updates on issues relative to the school, school policy information, praise for students, calls for volunteers, the lunch menu for the upcoming week, a weekly school calendar featuring important details about school functions, and more! Reading the newsletter is a great way to stay informed about the goings-on at Irvington Community Schools and to learn about opportunities for involvement in your child's school.

Hard copy of the weekly school newsletter is distributed during pickup each Friday at every release. It is also available at the front desk of the main office and at the After Care desk at both ICES and ICMS. Our school newsletters are also available in digital copy on our websites and via email. If you would like to be added to the ICES email newsletter list, contact Ms. Woo; to the ICMS email list, contact Mr. Walk; and to the IPA list, contact Mr. Strolberg.


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