About Irvington Community Schools

Irvington Community School Inc. is unique as an Indianapolis-area K-12 public charter school system in many ways. Among them:


ICS Inc.'s three schools are each, by design, small community schools. ICES has three classes per grade level (K-5) and serves just over 400 students; ICMS serves approximately 240 students; and IPA enrollment is approximately 340 high school students. This intimate learning environment enhances our ability to provide differentiated instruction and innovative programming in delivering outstanding educational services while making a positive lifelong impact on our students' intellectual, emotional, and civic development.

School Year

ICS Inc. established one of the first truly year-round schools in Indiana, offering a 195-day academic schedule for students, along with an expanded daily schedule.

Community-Based Philosophy

At the heart of our schools is a strong community focus. Notably, our community-oriented Board of Directors provides guidance on the direction of Irvington Community Schools, and our Unified Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) chapters in each school provide welcome input in keeping the schools faithful to the ICS Inc. mission and vision.


The curriculum in the Irvington Community Schools is rigorous, demanding, and individualized. It prepares students for success as lifelong learners and in their post-secondary education.

With an emphasis on the arts and being physically fit, all ICES and ICMS students participate in Art, Music, and Physical Education multiple times each week. When students enter 5th grade, they are given the choice to expand their music knowledge by being allowed to join band or choir.

In order for students of Irvington Community Schools to be prepared to communicate effectively in an increasingly diverse society, all students in Kindergarten through 8th grade receive Spanish instruction multiple times per week. Beginning in 9th grade, students may continue their Spanish instruction or choose from another world language.

At IPA, class credit requirements and college dual-credit opportunities are being increased yearly. Beginning with the Class of 2013, all our high school students will be required to earn an Academic Honors Diploma in order to graduate from Irvington Preparatory Academy.


Along with the state-mandated ISTEP test, ICES and ICMS students are tested twice annually with the Northwest Evaluation Association's (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests, a battery of computerized standardized tests focusing on students' reading, mathematics, and language usage ability. The MAP tests provide instantaneous results and track students' progress over time on a continuum.

On the secondary level, students are tested using End of Course Assessments (ECAs) required by the state of Indiana in Algebra I, English 10, and Biology I. Students will also take the PLAN and the ACT tests to determine their progress in English, Mathematics, Reading and Science.

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