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Parenting: it's the hardest work you'll ever do -- and the most important. For as go our children in their upbringing and development, so goes the very near future of our society; for us locally, that means the well-being of the city of Indianapolis. On a larger scale, we are part of the world economy. We need well-educated, well-rounded young people to inherit the reins from their elders and become positive contributors to society and to participate competitively in the international marketplace. To get them there requires effective parenting; it can't be done without you.

Love is, of course, central to good parenting. But no matter what age, children present issues that require thoughtfulness, concern, and care when addressing them. To be a good parent, you need the best tools at your disposal. You need to learn how to parent well.

As educators, we recognize the degree of difficulty and challenges involved in raising children today. Moreover, we know what's required of parents in partnering with schools to ensure children reach their academic potential. In this section of our website, we'll provide parent-specific information about raising children, recommended readings, event notifications, and other community resources for parents to learn more about the art and science of parenting. Of course, we won't provide all the answers. But we'll shed light wherever we can to lend a hand along the way.

We appreciate and honor your role as the most important people in your child's life. Thank you for partnering with us in meeting your child's educational needs.

To continue the parenting conversation, feel free to contact our school counselors:

ICES Counselor Marsha Hart, 357-5359

ICMS Student Services Representative Lyndsey Mundell, 357-3850 x1009

IPA Counselor Stephanie Brinsley, 357-3770 x108



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