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About Irvington Community Schools

Your Support is Vital to Our Mission


All schools require resources outside of state funding to effectively teach children – now more than ever. Our increasingly technologically driven world demands this.

Charter schools operate at a distinct financial disadvantage compared to our sister traditional public schools in that we cannot have a voter referendum to raise money to build or remodel facilities, so that is a direct cost to us. Of course, we accept this challenge, and this reality. Doing more with less is an essential part of our mandate, and we have proved that we can. However, this means that our needs for other equipment and program services must come from somewhere else – from people like you who care about the educational quality of public schools and the critical need to turn out the best, brightest, most well-prepared students to perform well in higher education and in the workforce of tomorrow.

Every donation to ICS Inc. will be recognized by a letter from us for your tax records. Remember, all monetary donations are tax deductible! Donation levels listed below will either cover or contribute to offsetting school expenses for the following current needs:

$25 donation:
ICES: 3rd grade: One listening library station (books on CD)

ICMS: Choir/Band: solo/ensemble repertoire for building the middle school music library and providing students with advancement opportunities outside of school

IPA: One teacher’s registration fee at Teachers’ Treasures (a nonprofit organization that helps to support classrooms with free resources)

$50 donation:
ICES: Heavy-duty pencil sharpener. Set of dry erase boards and markers

ICMS: Choir/Band: Class set of a piece to be played/sung as part of concert repertoire

IPA: College application fee, SAT or ACT registration fee, Advanced Placement (AP) exam fee for a high school student in need

$100 donation:
ICMS General Music: Investment toward basic accompaniment instruments such as rhythm sticks, sand blocks, and accessories for student compositions

IPA: Classroom supplies

$250 donation:
ICES: Classroom set of novels

ICMS: Choir/Band: Performance opportunities and Indianapolis-area musical field trips for ensemble students

General Music: Recording equipment such as a video camera for 8th grade projects and recordings

Physical education equipment

IPA: Online course/credit recovery fee

Set of novels to build English classroom libraries

$500 donation:
ICMS: Choir/Band: full concert set of pieces to be played/sung by the ensemble

General Music: Investment toward equipment such as an ELMO camera device to help with student project and work example presentations

IPA: College field trip bus fees

Computer hardware

$1,000 donation:
ICES: Computer equipment

ICMS: New music equipment; e.g., microphones, microphone stands, recording equipment, tuners, and musical instruments

African Drum set to be used weekly by students for activity-based learning

ICMS: Computer equipment

IPA: Computer equipment

Exterior signage to proudly identify the school for all visitors

Athletic equipment for teams and physical education programs


Or donations may be sent to:
David Nidiffer, CEO/CFO
Irvington Community School Inc.
5757 E. University Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Personal checks should be addressed to Irvington Community School Inc.
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