Irvington Community Elementary School (ICES) offers a rigorous academic program with a focus on individual results and achievement.

Assessment tools are used to drive instruction and target individual student needs through differentiated instruction, small group instruction, pull-out services (involving small group work with instructional assistants, instructional coaches, and/or special education instructors), and after-school tutoring and enrichment sessions.

Teachers at ICES employ a variety of instructional resources ranging from Internet and computer technology, novels, textbooks, videos, and hands-on materials. Textbooks are only one small part of instructional resources used at ICES. The following textbook series have been adopted as tools to aid instruction:

  • Math: Pearson Envision (K-5)
  • Science: Scott Foresman (K-5)
  • Social Studies: Scott Foresman (K-5)
  • Language Arts/Reading:
    • Handwriting Without Tears (K-5)
    • McGraw Hill (Grammar; grades 2-5)
    • SRA Open Court (Reading and Language Arts, grades 1-5)