Art Club

Students will work in team projects (such as creating posters for events) and individual growth work.

Sponsor: Luke Lofland

Franish Club

Franish Club celebrates the French and Spanish cultures through meeting activities and field trips. We attend French Market, the International Festival, celebrate Dia de los Muertos, etc.
Sponsor: Angie Gibbs

Writer’s Ink

A writing club for whatever you want to write and share with the world!
Sponsor: Chelsea Sanders

Guitar Club

Come to Guitar Club to hang out and share a song or riff you’ve been learning. It helps to bring your own guitar but feel free to come even if you don’t have one or can’t bring it to school with you. We’d love to see you!

Sponsor: Alan Tuttle

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors serve as designated tour givers and shadow hosts. They represent IPA at open houses and other events. All ambassadors apply for the position and are trained in giving tours, introducing themselves to prospective students and talking about/promoting the school. Many of the activities they participate in are eligible for service hours.

Sponsor: Jana Goebel

I’m First

This club is for students who are the first in their family to attend college although any student may participate. We will explore topics surrounding the college search and application process as well as college life, career, etc. I hope that we’ll be able to take a field trip or two to college fairs and/or college campuses in the area.

Sponsor: Jana Goebel

IPA Robotics

Student run Robotics team that competes in the VEX Robotics competition series.

Sponsor: Chris Ashmore and Heather Harmeyercashmore

Prom Committee

Prom Committee will be tasked with planning two dances during the school year and will be in charge of everything for PROM!

Sponsor: Monica Rains

Creative Movement

The purpose of the club would be to do a different physical activity every week (potential ideas were: dancing, running styles, stretches, movement games, yoga, balance activities, exercises… ). The goal would be to lead at first and then get the kids to come up with ideas for the club, eventually leading to having kids lead activities that they came up with for the group.

Sponsor: Nicole Stapf

Anime Club

Anime Club! We watch anime. And… Well, that’s pretty much the whole deal. We watch anime!

Sponsor: Peggy Larkin

Tabletop Club

Tabletop club is a club for gamers! We will be playing a large variety of board games and card games from GenCon and other gaming events. The club is for anyone who likes board games, magic the gathering, Yu-Gi-oh!, or is interested in checking out new and fun games!

Sponsor: John Giannerini

Media Club

Media club will be preparing a weekly news broadcast on Fridays to recap the events of the week. We also will explore the ways that multi-media can be used not only in the school setting, but also in our roles in the community. As sponsor, I hope to pursue opportunities for the club to participate in media fairs and competition in the metro area.

Sponsor: Marsha Wilson

Project 7

A student led discussion about questions and interest in the Bible in Room 206 student lead.

Sponsor: Ronda Hallquist

Scrapbooking Club

This is a club to bring your pictures and tokens to organize them on paper. A fun club for creativity.

Sponsor: Ronda Hallquist

FCA- Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Meeting on Thursday mornings at 7:30 by the cafeteria, next to the Athletic Directors office.

Sponsor: Ronda Hallquist