COVID-19 /School Updates

Updated 6-26-2020 @ 2:15pm ICS eLearning Resources page ICS Parent/Guardian Notice: Reopening Status Update (June 26, 2020) Dear ICS Parents/Guardians: We thank you for your ongoing patience as ICS...... More »

Celebrated by Indianapolis’ Office of Sustainability

ICS, Inc. Celebrated by Indianapolis’ Office of Sustainability ICES, ICMS, IPA Receive “Masters” Level Recognition as Thriving Schools Irvington Community Schools, Inc. (ICS) has been recognized by Indianapolis’ Office...... More »

ICS Welcomes New Athletic Director

Jim Leisure, the new Irvington Community Schools Athletic Director, is no stranger to ICS. Leisure has been involved with ICS since 2008 as the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD)...... More »

School Choice Video by IPA Filmmaker Wins Award

When Irvington Community Schools (ICS) was notified by the Indiana Charter School Network (ICSN) about its video competition celebrating National School Choice Week (January 20-26), we turned to one...... More »

“Flipped Classroom” Program Piloted at ICES

Irvington Community Elementary School teacher Melissia Hole is piloting an innovative educational methodology in her 1st grade class known as the “flipped classroom.” This blended learning approach – students...... More »

Tarantulas Create a Stir at ICMS

Tarantulas – the largest spiders in the world (Family Theraposidae, Genus Aphonopelma), some as big as your hand — are not native to Indiana, a fact the vast majority...... More »